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Digital co-decision platform “Lemejs.lv”

Lemejs.lv, a digital co-decision platform that offers organisations and businesses a single tool that combines both the questionnaires function and the co-deciding function - making suggestions, discussing other proposals, and creating smaller groups that would vote together on different issues.

One digital tool that can create both large open groups and closed groups. You can insert different types of questions and comment constructively when submitting an answer.
The question creator can choose how to answer – anonymously or with the knowledge of the contributors.
If necessary, specific reference materials may be uploaded in the “lemejs.lv” platform to supplement the explanation of the content of the co-operation.
The digital tool can be integrated into an organization’s or company’s website to make it easier to find and use.
The digital tool offers a strong system of authorization to be able to identify participants.
Technical solutions can be improved for the needs of the organization or company.