Open Cities for EU Citizens (OPENCIT)


The project is implemented by the “Foundation of Public Participation” – organisation Myvoice – as well as the non-governmental organization “Open Knowledge Sweden” in Sweden. Project implementation period is 2021-2022 and it is funded by the EU (JUST) Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program (REC).


Despite mobility within the European Union, the voter registration rate in mobile EU elections remains relatively low in municipal and European elections. The OPENCIT project aims to raise awareness of the rights of mobile EU citizens and facilitate their democratic participation. The project pays particular attention to the right of EU citizens to vote and stand in local elections and to allow EU citizens to become more actively involved in local decision-making processes using digital technologies.

The project envisages an awareness-raising campaign for mobile EU citizens, as well as information activities for national and local policy makers to increase their awareness of EU citizens’ rights and the need to involve EU citizens living in Riga more in local decision-making.


You can access our research report “EU Mobile Citizens in Latvia below!

Click here for the full report in English.

  • Access to the civic participation platform “OpenToVote” – for all EU citizens living in Riga. The platform is based on the principles of the platform.
  • Increased awareness of EU mobile citizens about their rights, including the right to vote and stand in local and European elections.
  • Increased awareness of local and national decision-makers about the rights of EU citizens and the need to inform and involve citizens of other EU countries living in Latvia in political life.
  • Increased awareness of policy makers in Latvia about the need to improve data collection.
  • Increased awareness among policy makers and institutions in Latvia, Sweden and other EU countries about how digital tools can help inform mobile EU citizens about their rights and increase their participation in elections.